How to turn your local foreclosure real estate market into a well-oiled cash machine!

 You too can earn a 6 figure income through this extensive coaching & mentoring

 with your personal advisor

Dear Real Estate Investor,

           If you have considered becoming a real estate investor and have always thought about taking advantage of the housing bust then this is the most important letter you may ever read. You will quickly learn that there are successful investors all across North America earning tens of thousands of dollars with virtually no effort on their part. They do this by utilizing a very specific and detailed approach to investing.

Before I Change Your Financial Future, Answer This Question

           Are you staying ahead of the competing investors? Are you getting priority access to the best deals before anyone else knows about them? Are you earning a guaranteed profit of over $20,000 on every home you look at? Do you long for a system that will make you feel comfortable getting into the real estate world by COMPLETELY eliminating so called risks with investments?

If you are completely happy with your financial situation and you have plenty of extra spending cash, just leave this website right now because you have no need for me.

IF you want to view a bunch of homes and are a indecisive buyer, this is not for you! We are professionals with no time to waste!


            But if you have a need for a cookie cutter system that will get the same predictable results on every single home you get involved with, then you should keep reading this letter. That is exactly what you will find here.

You see, I work with the people statewide that make ridiculous annual incomes from real estate. I personally coach, mentor “and sometimes provide parenting for” those investors have all become very financially independent utilizing my approach. You will quickly find that you too can make a great income while eliminating your customary risks involved with investing the traditional “try-to-get-a-good-deal-and-pray-you-don’t-mess-up” approach.

The fact is, you may not even qualify so you might just stop right here.

That’s right, I can show you the tips and tricks just like I have all of our other members, however the fact is that we may not even accept you. I have tracked the results of some very successful people in this business and I have found that a specific type of person will do well, while another won’t. Let me be frank with you. If you are a control freak, that thinks you have the most knowledge on the best way for you to guarantee success, I can’t help you.

This is the type of person that ends up bankrupt within 12 months

Real estate investing is NOT what most people think it is. There are so many myths about how to make money in real estate. Unfortunately, the myths come from those that are NOT successful.

•It isn’t about buying a home for a low price

 •It isn’t about buying fix-up houses

 •It isn’t about renting out homes

 •It isn’t even about creative financing!


The true key to success is simply in understanding a real system where you have a great exit strategy after you’ve aligned all of these other important factors. If you are the type of person that understands that success leaves clues, and you value the services of a trained & licensed CASH GENERATING professional, who can show you step by step how to get your pockets full of profits, then we should work together starting right now.

We have a very specific 3 way approach to profits;

Showing you how to purchase:

1. SINGLE family and MULTIFAMILY homes at discounted prices due to the sellers’ extreme motivation to sell the property saving you THOUSANDS.....

2. Purchasing Multifamily Distressed Property.

3. Rent To Own Strategy. We have a large database of tenants, whom will rent the home from you for one year, while going through the credit repair program so that they can buy it from you at market value in one year. These tenant/purchasers are required to give you several thousand dollars before they move into the home as “option consideration”. This is the fee they pay you just for the right to move into the home and that fee is earned when paid. This means that you will buy a home and immediately get a profit check for several thousand dollars. Of course when they later buy the home, you will get the other portion of your profit as well.


So who died and made me the best coach for investors?


I can assure you that there is no shortage of self-proclaimed real estate gurus who actually have no followers and no proof that their “theories” will work in the real world. If you are looking for just the next great breakthrough, you made a wrong turn to end up here. My approach is tried, proven and well documented.

Now as you can see, anybody can do this because it is HANDS OFF for you and you get the same results! However, if you want to put your own spin, theories, concepts or ideas into it, you will fail and probably leave the business bankrupt. I’m sure you know a few of these “know-it-all-idiots” that couldn’t get out of their own way if they tried. Their ego’s prevent them from ever earning the income that only the best and smartest investors deserve. The Ultimate Rent To Own System is a very detailed and quite simple approach to investing but if you try to alter the system, you will not succeed the way the “copy-cats” who follow exactly what I show them end up doing!


So how can I be so sure that this will work for you?


Look, it’s okay to be skeptical but you would be crazy to not check out our very well documented, proven success record. The fact is, you will quickly find out the real reasons this system creates such tremendous wealth with a nearly full-proof approach to ensuring your success. I mean look at what all of the members of our Residential Investor Network get;



You will receive a FREE report listing the current Foreclosure properties daily (including photos if available) in your desired price range and location. There is no cost for this information, and absolutely no obligation. This insider information, sent to you in an incredibly simple and efficient format, will give you a huge advantage over other buyers in the marketplace. In addition, you will be given access to our proprietary websites to access and search the market in real time. Our tools highlight all corporate owned, distress properties and bank owned homes including; FANNIE MAE, FREDDIE MAC, ONE WEST BANK, INDY MAC, SUNTRUST, GMAC, and many loan servicing companies.



You will be working with a Personal Realty Advisor. This is a licensed Realtor that only practices in your community. This is the biggest key to our success. Your licensed advisor will…

Find the best investments:

Structure the deal in your best interest

Negotiate the best price

Handle the coordination of any minor fix ups

Find and qualify the tenant/purchasers

Collect the monthly rents

Handle the management

Complete all steps needed for you to sell the home when the tenant/purchaser is ready to buy!

 Our agency advisors have been through incredibly intense training classes where I personally taught them everything they need to know to get the same results in your city. We will goal plan with you every week to determine if you are on track with all of the goals you will have set for yourself. They will let you know about any new opportunities and will show you how they’re ability as a wealth coach will be of tremendous value to you. You will have the phone number and email of this person and their office so you can reach them at any time with any questions you may have as the coaching program continues each month. I will however warn you that this person’s job as your wealth coach is to hold you accountable. These one on one phone sessions with your personal advisor will keep you right on track and continuously progressing towards an easy six figure income.




Every month, you will receive our information packed newsletter entitled “Net Worth News” which is personally written and edited by me. Grab a cup of coffee and find a nice cozy chair when you get this newsletter in the mail because it is a mini investor seminar in print! You will see how some of our members are taking advantage of the huge real estate clearance right now and the precise path they are walking down to claim their prizes! This newsletter will cover techniques you can implement, as well as giving you the answers to questions that we get via email each month from other active members. You can expect this newsletter in your mailbox between the 16th and 18th of each month.


Your Local Realty Advisor will be showing you how you can improve your credit before you ever invest in your first property. It doesn’t matter if you have a credit score of 550 or 850, you can get on the right path to get to a position of power in the eyes of the big lenders. Our “credit snowballing” techniques, as well as rapid debt buy down will show you what you can do to become a very strong borrower. This is all included as part of your membership. No matter what your credit looks like today, you can make it look better in no time flat using this one membership benefit. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you must have a credit score of 750 to invest in real estate. The fact is, even if you are currently under 600 with no available cash, we can put you on the fast track that has gotten so many “less than perfect” credit reports to the position that you can buy your first investment, and turn a profit of over $20,000.




You never have to worry about making rookie investor mistakes. Everything that happens with your investments is handled by our Real Estate Company. This service includes;


 Finding the best properties


  •    Handling any minor fix ups

  •    Finding the tenant/purchasers

  •    Showing the property to prospects

  •    Qualifying the tenant/purchasers

  •    Collecting all rents, deposits, etc.

  •    Handling their credit accountability so they can buy

  •    Completing all necessary paperwork when it’s time to sell

  •    And everything else as well!


So as you can see, all aspects of the transaction are handled by a licensed professional. It’s no wonder our members are making money huh? We babysit these investments at all times so that we get the same results day in and day out. We know what it takes to get the deals completed so the only thing we care about is getting you to “the big dance” by getting you the big profit checks. Of course when you make $20,000 or more on a property, you are going to buy more. That is a win/win for everyone so the only thing that matters is that the ball is never dropped on each property. This is what we do every day and our checks and balances will ensure that you consistently profit from your real estate ventures because as real estate agents ourselves, we make money if you make money! We will walk you through every single deal you consider. This allows for another set of trained eyes that knows of any potential pitfalls, to take a look at the deal from a 3rd party perspective and be absolutely positive that your deal is the next great deal!




When you meet with your Local Realty Advisor in person or over the phone, they will go over a goals sheet with you. This information is gathered so that we can decide on the best path to get you to your definition of success. Some investors are okay with simply finding a way to invest in just one home their first year, with a profit of $20,000 to $30,000 while others want a six figure income. Regardless of your financial goals, our accountability sheets and portfolio development will break down exactly what you will need to do to get to your desired financial numbers. You may be surprised to learn that many of our members started with horrible credit and no cash and are able to make good money in the real estate world.




As an exclusive member with our residential real investor network, you will have access to hard money loans, second money loans as well as several different down payment avenues which will allow you to capitalize on the real estate market by utilizing any current IRA’s, 401K investments or any other investments you may have for massive leverage within your investing portfolio. Many of the creative financing options you will have available to you are not taught anywhere else as we created many of the systems. This will also include the potential of you handling a few wholesale deals (without using your money or credit) so that you can earn $10,000 to $50,000 within a few short months to be used as down payments for bigger deals.

 Plus much much more!

So as you can see, this continuous coaching program will virtually ensure that you get amazing results by modeling after the most successful in the business. And being that everything is handled by a professional, you won’t be creating a job for yourself!

You get everything for $199 and there are no month membership fees. Superior service and results is the nature of our business and if you feel differently you can cancel working with us at any time with no obligation. I know the question in your mind right now. “Why would he offer it at $199?” That’s a great question because obviously, this is a full time job working with an investor to get them to the ultimate profitability. Here is the key factor. We are licensed real estate agents! We get paid a commission “just like every agent in the world” every time we get you a profitable deal we earn a commission! I hope you don’t mind that every time you get a home to the closing table with one of the tenant/purchasers, you will get a check ranging from $15,000 or even up to $60,000 per property. You see, if we can get lots of those big checks in your hand, we can make lots of money too! Let me ask you a very serious question… If I could get you a house today that would end up creating a profit check for you of $30,000 and you never had to lift a finger, how many more would you buy? That’s right! Every single one you can get your hands on!

To give you the actual numbers, our rookie investors usually buy 1 to 3 properties their first year. If they profit an average of $17,000 per property next year when the tenant/purchasers buy the home, they usually buy twice as many the next years by using those profits! Then again the next year and the next! Do you see that I can make a lot of money off of this, only payable from the profits of the investors? That means that I myself had better do a superior job on every deal so that I can earn your trust and future business.